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Upgrading to ejabberd 2.1

Having tested Ejabberd 2.1 I expect to be migrating over to this at some point in the near future. It’s possible I will just do this when the ejabberd process crashes, but will update this blog entry with the latest news.

This upgrade should not require you to change anything, but it is possible that you may need to re-register with transports.

[Updated 12:40 27/01/2011] Server is down, migration work is underway.

[Updated 13:15 27/01/2011] Switchover to ejabberd 2.1 has completed and you should be able to log in again now.

[Updated 13:55 27/01/2011] Server experienced a few hiccups that have been fixed. All should be right again.

2 comments January 26th, 2011

Stability issues & upgrades

Service stability:
I’ve been having some issues with the stability of the server, this seems to be down to the connection between ejabberd and the database server (were user accounts are kept). I’ve been unable to resolve this problem but I have been doing my best to keep an eye on the server

Software upgrades:
The version of ejabberd & Debian I have been using have both been superseded and I have been in the process of testing both. I am currently testing both as well migration between versions and hope to be in a position to switch to updated versions soon. When this time comes I will, of course, let people know via this blog and Jabber MOTD.

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Server restart

The server had to be pulled offline for some maintenance earlier. Apologies for the abrupt nature of this, but it’s working once again.

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Migration Closed account migration has been going on for over six months and so it has now been closed. You can now register new accounts (using “Your Account” in the Links on the right) on the domain. You cannot, as yet, register in-band (within your Jabber client) – though this will be enabled soon.

Please remember as per the AUP accounts not used for six months may well be deleted.

1 comment August 26th, 2008

Service restart – Updated

This jabber service will have to be restarted shortly to upgrade SSL keys as per Debian Security Advisory 1571 .

Update: Key has been updated and everything is back running again.

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