Downtime next week

Update [16/03/2015] – This work will now almost certainly be happening the evening (UK) of Tuesday 17th. Downtime should be limited to 30 minutes.

The server will be down for a short period one evening next week. This is currently planned to be eitherĀ  Monday (15th) or Tuesday (16th). It is also possible it might be on even on Wednesday (17th). Once the date is set I will update this post. This work is to move the server within the co-location server rack.

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I’ve been planning an upgrade to the server. It is currently running an old version of ejabberd and I’ve been wanting to upgrade to allow for a number of reasons such as better security and improved connection for people using mobile devices


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SSLv3 vulnerability

With the recent vulnerability in SSLv3 (POODLE attacks) I’m currently lookint into disabling SSLv3. This shouldn’t effect anything but really old clients.

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Service problems

The server went down over night last night and the service provider took a while before they could find the problem. They have now fixed the problem and all services should be running as normal again.

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“Heartbleed” SSL bug was not affected by this bug. We are using an older version of the OpenSSL library which did not have this bug.

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