UPDATED – Migration to new software

UPDATE: This is likely to happen mid week next week (around 23rd).

We have been testing the new server software (ejabberd) as well as updated transports (AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN) for a while now and have worked out the process for migrating your accounts to the new software.

This migration is probably going to happen between Christmas and New Year.

The migration process will go like this:

  • You will go to the migration page and log in with your username & password.
  • You will have to agree to the new AUP.
  • You will have to enter in an email address. This address will be required as an administrator has to convert your account. You can edit/remove this address later and it will not be publically accessable.
  • The administrator will convert your account and you will be emailed
  • You can log in and re-register with transports if required.

New account registrations will be disabled for six months to give plenty of time for you to migrate accounts. We also have a new domain (xmpp.org.uk) so that new users can be registered there.