Development Server

We have a new server set up at for testing out the software that we hope will be used to power the service in the future. More after the break

So what is it, and what is it for?

The service has been set up to test new software, updated gateways as well as the software to migrate your settings/roster to work with these. We need some help to test this migration process and to make sure the updated software is stable (or at least more stable than the software we are using).

Notes (technical and otherwise):

  • This is using different Jabber software (ejabberd).
  • This has updated gateways to MSN, ICQ, AIM & Yahoo.
  • We have switched to using an SQL server back end which should sort out some of the heavy load problems, as well as allow for a better backup system.
  • You can import your settings and roster from your account.
  • This is a testing server and users are needed to test the migration process as much as the stability and reliability of the updates software.
  • There is a new AUP which you’ll have to agree with.

More instructions are on the website.