SSL certificate changes

[Update 04/01/2014] Have switched over to new certificates. You should not get any errors about “self-signed certificates” any more and there should be no further interruptions of service.

I’m replacing the SSL certificates on both and This is to replace old self-signed certificate with certificates from a CA (Certificate Authority). It should eliminate any problems with self-signed certificates and increase your security of the service.  This may cause some interruptions but hopefully all should switch over without too much problem.

5 thoughts on “SSL certificate changes

  1. Are you still publishing over TCP 443?
    I have noticed that my SSl (TCP port 443) connections are no longer connecting.

  2. Me and my friends were having problems to connect us with psi jabber client and we dont have any idea of what is the problem.

  3. great – 443 is up and working.
    However I see that the certificate you are now using when connecting to ( is only for and not

    “The certificate is only valid for the following names: ,

    Hence I get the warning messages when connecting.
    Glad to be up and working now on 443. Thanks 🙂

  4. I’m afraid it’s because Port 443 points to the legacy SSL connection port 5223 rather than the usual connection port 5222. Since it is encrypted before the start of the connection it can’t cope with virtual hosts.

    Something I’ll have to fix at some point.

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